What Are We Looking For From The Eagles This Preseason?

Short answer? Simply not as much as one would think. Improvement from the defense i.e. consistent pressure on Qb’s in passing situations which should vastly improve the secondary’s effectiveness.Progression and subsequent execution of the 3-4 defense installed last year by coach Bill Davis. Look for young players such as LB Michal Kendricks and S Earl Wolff to stand out. Special Teams need to display improvement in coverage. Remember the playoff game vs the Saints? Nick Foles and the offense leave the field late in the 4th quarter with the lead and the kickoff coverage unit fails to contain Darren Sproles forcing CB Cary Wiiliams to horsecollar and that penalty places the Saints 15 yards shy of the game clinching field goal. We all know how that concluded. As for punt return situations, they absolutey need to give the offense better field position. Last year it became painfully apparent Desean Jackson was indifferent to returning punts. Finally the offense…Qb Nick Foles needs to look sharp and the O-line should look to prove it can protect Foles without the services of OT Lane Johnson while he serves a four game suspension. The WR’s need to display the ability to get open and make plays without Desean Jackson demenading additional safety help. Count on Philly and national media placing the offense under the microscope early and often until it shows it can be as explosive and at times overwhelming as it was last year. (It says here it will be.) All of the preceding things we are looking for starting tomorrow night mean absolutely little, if anything at all, if key players get hurt. Thus team health is also something we look for. That is the obvious thing at the beginning and especially the end of every preseason. Look for your team to emerge healthy or relatively so.

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