No Cole Hamels on Opening Day

It’s no surprise that Cole Hamels will not be ready for the beginning of the season due to shoulder tendinitis. Hamels was throwing the ball around on Sunday. All reports show he should be ready in the second week of April. Hamels was not cleared to lift weights since November 22.

Ryan Sandberg and coach Bob McClure released the scheduled pitchers for Tuesday’s intrasquad game.  The Grapefruit league will begin on Wednesday.

The younger pitchers now have the chance to prove themselves to the bullpen. We have some good talent going into this season with pitchers like Jesse Biddle.

Be Safe at Home: MLB Collision Ban

The media is recently covering the Major League Baseball’s collision ban. The ban will stop collisions at the home plate. This will take effect in the 2014 season when approved.

The Phillies manager Ryan Sandberg supports the idea.  He told Philadelphia Daily News “In some ways, I’m old school on that play at home plate,” Sandberg said. “But in other ways, I wouldn’t want to lose my catcher for 6 months.”

I think the ban on collisions is a great idea. Does it take away all the fun at the plate? Of course! We all wait for that play at the plate to see what happens. The most important thing to me is making sure our players remain healthy throughout the season.  Carlos Ruiz had his time of injuries. Ruiz can produce in the post season but not if he’s injured.

What could have started this possible ban? I was thinking about that play from Buster Posey in 2011, the violent collision with Scott Cousins of the Marlins.  Posey was out for 4 months of the remaining season. He did get the National League MVP the following year.

Halladay Not Really Retired

The Phillies have added Roy Halladay this spring training in Clearwater, Florida. But not as a pitcher coming out of retirement. Halladay will be a guest instructor for the Phillies bullpen. Halladay mentioned to the media he does not have any regrets going into retirement. He feels it was the right thing to do. Halladay would have liked to add some Word Series under his belt before he retired. He struggled to stay healthy due to shoulder and back injuries.

I hope adding a veteran pitcher as a guest instructor will spark the bullpen. Maybe he will consider being a pitching coach in the near future. I like the idea if it can produce results.

The Phillies and The Minor League Players

miakel franco
(Maikel Franco)

I asked a personal friend of mine to write a piece on our blog. He picked one of my favorites, baseball. Lets not forget about the minor league players. I enjoyed reading his contribution to our baseball category. It makes me want baseball to come sooner.

“Spring Training is among us and what that means is a host of the Phillies’ minor league players get that chance to work out with the Big Club.  Players like Darin Ruf, Cody Asche and Jonathan Pettibone have great chances to break camp playing in Philly.  But what about players like Jesse Biddle, David Buchanan and Maikel Franco?  These players gain a ton of experience playing against the likes of Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera.  Who can forget Dominic Brown smashing a LONG homerun against Verlander in his first Spring Training.  Those players that are in Clearwater this year, but know that they will begin their seasons in Lehigh Valley or Reading, are gaining confidence by the pitch.  Keep watching these up and coming players.  You never know who will be this year’s Jose Fernandez or Wil Myers.

Written by: Bill Mcclure”

American Greed In Philadelphia

Don Tollefson  was charged with theft on Tuesday after turning himself in to Warminster  Police, in Bucks County.  Tollefson was a former sports broadcaster for WPVI-TV, the ABC affiliate in Philadelphia, and WXTF or Fox 29.

Tollefson was charged with defrauding 100 investors for a estimated total of $100,000. Investors would purchase sports packages for what they thought would be going to charity or benefit the Special Olympics , Tolleson allegedly took the money for trips to sporting events like the Super Bowl.  He failed to refund or come up with the paid trips. Investors claim he was unable to file the required paperwork to accept charitable contributions. A magistrate set bail at $250,000.  He was unable to post bail at this time.

Snow Storm Coming With The Phillies?

The Phillies catchers and pitchers will begin their first workout tomorrow February 13 in Clearwater, Florida. The full team will workout on February 18.

I wanted to bring you at least some good weather in baseball if your living back east like myself. It’s almost time for baseball already. I hope your just as excited as myself.


Madson In, Burnett Out?

Ruben Amaro Jr. is still looking to improve the Phillies roster for next season. Amaro said “It’s more likely we’ll go in with what we’ve got”.The pitches and catchers will be reporting in less than one week for their workout.

AJ Burnett was on the Phillies radar. It appears the Pirates and Orioles are interested in him as well.

The Phillies expressed their interest in Ryan Madson who has not pitched since 2011. Madson was recovery from Tommy John surgery that had complications during the recovery process.

Madson earned a 2.37 ERA in 2011 with 4 wins and 2 losses, 63 strikeouts.

Posted by: Sam Fareri

Citizens Bank Park Renamed?

The home of our beloved Phillies home field could have a new name. There are rumors that TD Bank may buy Citizens Bank.

The Phillies sold the naming rights to Citizens Bank for $95 million over 25 years, which includes $57.5 million for naming rights and another $37.5 million in an advertising package.

Can we get use to the name TD Bank Park?

Posted by: Sam Fareri

Why is A.J. Burnett a good fit for philly?

Ruben Amaro Jr. seems to be shopping for free agents this off season. Pitchers? Yes, pitchers! reported that the Phillies and Orioles had shown interest in Burnett this winter.

Burnett, the veteran righthander became a free agent. The Pirates failed to extend his contract of $14.1 million. He made $16.5 million last season.

Burnett was 26-21 with a 3.41 in 61 starts with the Pirates in the last two seasons. He led all National League starters in strikeout rate and groundball rate.

Burnett could be a good fit to the Phillies rotation to breakup the two lefthanders.

Posted by: Sam Fareri

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