American Greed In Philadelphia

Don Tollefson  was charged with theft on Tuesday after turning himself in to Warminster  Police, in Bucks County.  Tollefson was a former sports broadcaster for WPVI-TV, the ABC affiliate in Philadelphia, and WXTF or Fox 29.

Tollefson was charged with defrauding 100 investors for a estimated total of $100,000. Investors would purchase sports packages for what they thought would be going to charity or benefit the Special Olympics , Tolleson allegedly took the money for trips to sporting events like the Super Bowl.  He failed to refund or come up with the paid trips. Investors claim he was unable to file the required paperwork to accept charitable contributions. A magistrate set bail at $250,000.  He was unable to post bail at this time.

How Green Is Lincoln Financial Field?

How green is Lincoln Financial Field? I was curious myself to find out the answer. Here is what I found out.

Lincoln Financial Field became the greenest NFL stadium in 2013. They added 11,000 energy efficient solar panels. The 14 UGE-4K wind turbines are outside and on top of the stadium. This accounts for 30% of the electricity used to run the facility. The team expects to save $60 million in energy costs over the next two decades.

Michael Vick Ranks High As A Free Agent?

It’s not a surprise to us that the Eagles may not resign Michael Vick this season. reported the “Potential Free Agent Quaterbacks”. You may be interested in the numbers since I’m a numbers guy.

Photo: NFL.COM(Photo: NFL.COM)

Michael Vick has 58 wins, 49 loses and 1 tie. Vick ranks the highest in numbers. Matt Schaub has 46 wins, 44 loses and Mark Sanchez has 33 wins and 29 loses. Schaub and Sanchez are both under contract through 2016.

Maybe one of the other teams on this list would be interested in picking up Vick. Nobody knows if he would even be a starter again in the NFL at this point. Everyone already knows Vick wants to be a starting quarterback this season.

Jeremy Maclin Wants To Stay In Philly!

Jerermy Maclin is still recovering from his torn ACL last July. He knows he will not be 100% before the free agency on March 11, but wants to still head to training camp. Maclin told the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Zach Berman on Saturday “This is where I want to be and the Eagles stated the same.”

Maclin will join the free agency with other talents which includes Eric Decker, Riley Cooper, Hakeem Nicks and others. I personally would like having Eric Decker into Philadelphia’s mix of wide receivers if he becomes available. I believe Chip Kelly could make him a dangerous weapon to our offence. What do you think?

Former Eagle TO: Having Love Trouble

Terrell Owens the former Eagle, is having love trouble after 2 weeks. Owens married  Rachel Snider on January 23 at a courthouse in California. Snider told TMZ Owens married her for the money. Owens  apparently needed a $2 million dollar loan for a house.

I think TO gets a strike on this one with $2 million dollars to spare. If he can’t do bowling as a career, perhaps maybe stick to doing commercials.





Nick Foles Going Up In Value?

I have been checking out ebay since Nick Fole’s rookie season as an Eagle. In 2012, his rookie cards didn’t seem to be much in value. I discovered this was different after his 2013 season.

Foles had a rating of 119.2 with 27 TD and 2,891 in passing yards in 2013. Foles as a rookie had a rating of 79.1 with 6 TD and 1,699 in passing yards in 2012.

I noticed a recent ebay auction of a 2012 Panini Playoff Contenders (Auto Rookie Playoff Ticket Rc 77/99) card was selling for a good price. How good? $330 good!

Do I think he would be worth adding to my card collection? Absolutely!

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Who will the Eagles Target in 2014 Draft?

According to Sports, The Eagles will target five players in the 2014 first round draft.

They are the following players:

Justin Gilbert, Cornerback, Oklahoma State
Mike Evans, Wide Receiver, Texas A&M
Ahmad Dixon, Safety, Baylor
Kelvin Benjamin, Wide Receiver, Florida State
Anthony Barr, OLB, UCLA

Chip Kelly had a rough start with the Eagles but finished with a 10-6 record as a rookie NFL coach. I trust his judgement in the 2014 draft.

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LeSean McCoy wins FedEx Ground Player of the Year


LeSean McCoy wins FedEx Ground Player of the Year. He lead the NFL in rushing yards this season with 1,607 yards. He’s the first running back since Steve Van Buren in 1949. McCoy did break Wilbert Montgomery’s record which was held in 1979 for 1,512 yards in 1979.

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Michael Vick says he wants to be a starter

Michael Vick had an interview with Super Bowl Media Center. He does plan to return in 2014 as a starter. “Absolutely,” he said “I can’t see no other way” according to NFL.COM.

Vick mentioned he wouldn’t rule out returning to the Eagles. Since he lost his starting position to Nick Foles, he will try his luck as a free agent for a starting position.

Michael Vick has not played 16 games in a season since 2006.

Posted by: Sam Fareri

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