Eagles season is finally here!

Here is your 2017 Eagles hype song. We can’t wait to crush Washington!

ESPN is already predicting a horrible Eagles season

ESPN insider released predictions today. The Eagles season prediction was sad, very sad.


Chip Kelly Predictions for 2016

The NFL season ended a few weeks ago, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have predictions for 2016. USA Today decided to go with “Colin Kaepernick will figure things out under Chip Kelly in 2016”. Here is their prediction:

This is prediction is completely based on the magic Chip Kelly has worked with quarterbacks. And he’s never had one nearly as talented as Kaepernick. Kelly got career years out of Nick Foles, Mark Sanchez and Sam Bradford, and none of those guys even really fit his scheme. Kaepernick will allow Kelly to unleash the full power of his offense. Defenses will have to respect the read option looks that they have been able to ignore over the least three seasons with slow footed quarterbacks running Kelly’s offense.

Also, it hasn’t been too hard making the Pro Bowl as a quarterback these last few seasons. Andy Dalton made the 2014 squad throwing 17 interceptions. Teddy Bridgewater made it in 2015 with just 14 passing touchdowns.

During an interview with ESPN, Trent Dilfer said “I think under Chip you’ll start seeing some of these younger guys that have a boatload of talent start surfacing a little more. . .having a greater impact than they have in the past.”

“The great thing about Chip is he gets everybody leaning in the same direction, he’s done it everywhere he’s ever coached. He gets a bunch of people that really don’t know what direction they’re facing and he gets ‘em all facing the same direction, he’s really good at that.

“I think that alone, now you’ll start seeing the talent level of guys come out. The hardest thing for me to watch with the Niners (last season) was. . .I really like some of their players, but I didn’t like the way they were playing. . .

“I think under Chip you’ll start seeing some of these younger guys that have a boatload of talent start surfacing a little more. . .having a greater impact than they have in the past.”

Here is something less amusing by an ESPN writer’s prediction:

Colin Kaepernick undergoes a career rebirth under new coach Chip Kelly, earning NFL Comeback Player of the Year honors and guiding the surprising 49ers to their first championship in 22 years. Free-agent acquisition Alshon Jeffery and rookie Laquon Treadwell, already established as one of the league’s top receiving duos, gash the Patriots for 252 yards and three touchdowns.Carlos Hyde, back from a 2015 foot injury, bruises his way to 110 rushing yards as the 49ers wear out New England’s defense with pace and muscle. Tom Bradyconnects with Rob Gronkowski for two touchdowns, but the Patriots fall just short. Delirious 49ers players dump a cooler of power smoothies over Kelly as time expires. Gronk and New England coach Bill Belichick are fined $25,000 each for missing the postgame news conference, which they skip in order to catch a Cancun-bound party cruise.

Huffpost Sports released this story on “Here’s Why The Chip Kelly Hire Won’t Work For The 49ers” Here is what they said about Chip:

The problem is, Kelly isn’t likely to be a savior to the storied 49ers franchise because he is not a championship coach. During a disastrous 7-9 campaign this season, the Eagles’ offense ranked just 12th in yards, a measly 13th in scoring and 30th in total defense. Kelly’s supporters point to consecutive 10-win seasons during the two previous years, but the numbers weren’t all that great then either, and the lack of postseason accomplishments speaks for itself.

Chip Kelly started his NFL career as Eagles head coach in 2013. He lead the Eagles to one playoff game in 2013 and they lost. Chip’s record as NFL head coach for the Eagles ended with 10-6, 10-6, and 6-9 for three seasons. The 49ners currently have young talent and can be better with good coaching. The question is, can Chip keep the locker room together?



Fans are already picking on Cody Parkey on Twitter

Fans are still upset with Cody Parkey’s field goal miss last week against Atlanta which cost the Eagles the game. ‘I’m human and I missed … it’s my fault’, Parkey said. Cody Parkey is busy tweeting on Twitter instead of practicing his field goals for tomorrow’s game against the Cowboys.


cody parkey

What does Hebrews 10:35-36 mean?

35 Therefore do not throw away your confidence, which has a great reward.36 For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God you may receive what is promised.


Stephen A. Smith is sick of hearing about Tony Romo love

As you may know, Stephen A. Smith will always speak about what’s on his mind. Stephen A. Smith was “sick to his stomach” after reading a quote from Chip Kelly about the Dallas Cowboys.

Said Smith on ESPN:

“I was annoyed when I saw this quote from Chip Kelly. I want to make sure that I preface my comments by saying. I know Tony Romo’s gifted. I know he’s no scrub, considering he was no first-round pick and the expectations were minimal. Tony Romo can ball, no one is making that argument.

“But let me tell you what makes me sick to my stomach about this quote from Chip Kelly. … When is the requirement for winning going to be paramount? How many games has Tony Romo been in that actually count? I am sick and tired of everyone sitting there and kissing Romo’s you know what as if he’s some Super Bowl champion.

“I’m sorry Dallas Cowboys nation, the pathetic fans they are. … Tony Romo is relevant from September through December. Come January and on, there is usually a missing persons report out for him. I’m sick and tired of this Tony Romo love. Can the man stand up and produce in the postseason?”

Romo was voted by the fans as the NFL’s Castrol Edge Clutch Performer of the Week. He won the award for last weeks comeback against the Giants. Romo drove down the field with 89 seconds left in the four quarter on six plays for the winning touchdown.

Do the Eagles need to worry about the Cowboys?

Maybe not. Here’s three reasons why:

  • No Dez Bryant
  • No DeMarco Murray. The Cowboys always used Murray against the Eagles as their primary weapon.
  • Pass rush – Cowboys will be missing key players that could impact Sam Bradford’s performance.

Fly Eagles Fly, On The Road To Victory.


My Eagles prediction for this season

Here is my wins/loses for this season. I predict the Eagles end up at 12/4 this season. According to my picks, I have the Eagles losing to the Saints, Lions, Patriots, Bills. It’s rare to have a division sweep in the NFC East, but this is what I would like to happen.


LeSean McCoy’s postgame photo of “The Chip Kelly Rejects”

After the Bills defeated the Colts 27-14, LeSean McCoy gathered Trent Cole and Todd Herremans for a postgame photo of “Get a picture. The Chip Kelly Rejects”, smiling and joking.





Sam Bradford is a good pick for fantasy football

As reported by syracuse.com, Sam Bradford is among 5 players worth reaching for fantasy football.

2. Sam Bradford, quarterback, Philadelphia Eagles

Yes, Sam Bradford has been constantly injured throughout his five-year career, but the idea of marrying his accuracy and arm talent to Chip Kelly’s quarterback-friendly scheme in Philadelphia is intoxicating. If Bradford stays healthy, he has the upside to be one of the best quarterbacks in fantasy football. Kelly turned less talented quarterbacks into useful fantasy players. Imagine what he can do with Bradford.

Chip Kelly has already shown what he can do with Sam Bradford this preseason. He did take some hits but was still able to get back up and play. Bradford’s throws are accurate and on time, but his health is always a concern for everyone.

Eagles cut list 

Eagles cut list.   


Tim Tebow thanks Eagles for opportunity

Tim Tebow was released by the Eagles today. Tebow remains positive after being released. I respect anyone that has class and thankful for getting another shot in the NFL. He definitely made this preseason exciting for everyone. Good luck Tebow!

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