NBA Commissioner – Adam Silver: “I absolutely don’t think any team is trying to lose”

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The NBA Commissioner Adam Silver discusses tanking with Any Katz on “Outside The Lines”.

“I absolutely don’t think any team is trying to lose,” Silver said in an interview with ESPN’s Andy Katz for “Outside the Lines.”

“No player is going out there to lose. In terms of management, I think there’s an absolute legitimate rebuilding process that goes on. It’s so hard to win in this league, and it’s so complex.

“I think what’s happened in the case of Philadelphia — their strategy has been reduced into a tweet. This notion ‘be bad to be good.’ … When it gets reduced into a headline, I understand the reaction.”

The Sixers are 2-23 with the worst record in the league. The Sixers are reportedly being blamed for tanking this season for high hopes of a good draft pick in 2015. We all know how that turned out in the 2014 draft.

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Cody Parkey gets the loss for the Eagles; Parkey Gets Crushed On Twitter

Cody Parkey may have cost the Eagles any playoff hopes in Saturday’s game against the Redskins. Parkey missed two field goals on back to back drives, from 46 and 34 yards. The Eagles could have beat the Redskins by three points if Parkey would have made both field goals. The Eagles must rely on the Cowboys losing in Sunday’s against the Colts. GO COLTS!

Cody Parkey getting crushed on twitter:

LISTEN: Philly Radio Host Mocks Phillies Fan’s Cancer; Philly Radio Host Apologizes

A Philly radio host was eating his words on Wednesday after he mocked a Phillies fan battling cancer. Ellen DeGeneres had Julie Kramer as a guest on her talk show on Monday. The Phillies second baseman Chase Utley was a surprise guest on the talk show. Utley offered Julie Kramer an open invitation to any 2015 game of her choosing.

Philly radio host Chris Stigall from WPHT commented at Utley’s gesture the next morning, he says “You know Chase Utley’s not going to be around to take the cancer patient to the games. It’s a nice invite, but he won’t even be here.”

Stigall mentioned Utley’s future in Philly, and then he makes this rude comment by adding, “Plus, it’s probably terminal what that women has. You think she’s going to live through an entire season?”

Brian Dawkins Helps Bacarri Rambo

Safety Bacarri Rambo was released from the Washington Redskins and was suddenly unemployed by the NFL. Rambo reached out to Brian Dawkins for help.

“I was working out with Brian Dawkins,” said Rambo. “He was teaching me things, and giving me tips and advice to help me play faster once I got my chance.”

“And he stayed in my grill,” Rambo added. ”Once you get your chance just go all out.“

Rambo signed with the Buffalo Bills in November for a second chance in the NFL.

Brian Dawkins is a nine-time Pro Bowl selection, a member of the Philadelphia Eagles 75th Anniversary Team, the NFL 2000s All-Decade Team and the 20/20 Club (20 sacks, 20 interceptions). Dawkins will be eligible for the induction in 2017 for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Cris Collinsworth: “The Eagles have an offense you need time to prepare for”

Eagles and Cowboys will face each other again for the second time this season. Both teams step into the primetime lights Sunday night with 9-4 records.

Barry Horn is a sports media columnist with Horn mentioned that Cris Collinsworth ended a lot of Cowboys games in disappointment and they looked horrible two weeks ago against the Eagles. This will be Collinsworth’s third Cowboys game this season. Collinsworth says “The Eagles have an offense you need time to prepare for”.

You’ve worked a lot of games that ended in disappointment for the Cowboys. The final games the last three seasons comes to mind. The Cowboys looked horrible two weeks ago against the Eagles. Are you anticipating another Cowboys loss in a big game?

CC: “I live in Kentucky, which is horse country. We have a saying that occasionally when a horse has a bad race, you just have to throw it out. I think that’s the case with the first Cowboys-Eagles game. There were mitigating circumstances. Tony Romo, who needs every second between games, had three days before the Thanksgiving game. He has 10 now. The Eagles have an offense you need time to prepare for. The Cowboys have had time. This is a game they have to win if they want to win the division but unlike the last three years, this is not a must win to get into the playoffs.”


The Phillies and Orioles have talked about Ryan Howard

As reported by, The Phillies and Orioles have talked about Ryan Howard.

The Phillies and Orioles have talked about first baseman Ryan Howard this week, the New York Daily News reports.

It’s unclear how much interest the Orioles have in Howard, a player who has declined in recent years and is owed $25 million in each of the next two seasons as well as a $10 million buyout of his 2017 option. He hit .223/.310/.380 with 23 home runs and 95 RBI in 569 at-bats in 2014.

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Jimmy Rollins Traded to Dodgers; How I will remember Jimmy Rollins wearing red

Jimmy Rollins takes off
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The Philadelphia Phillies traded Jimmy Rollins today to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Jimmy Rollins will end his 15-year run with the Philadelphia Phillies. Rollins is a three-time All-Star shortstop who won the National League MVP in 2007.

Jimmy Rollins leaving Philadelphia is like loosing a family member. It will be different seeing him on the opposite side wearing blue instead of red.

This is how I will remember Jimmy Rollins:

Sixers trade Brandon Davies; Acquire Nets’ Andrei Kirilenko; Kirilenko will be waived and become a free agent; Nets’ will include Jorge Gutierrez to Sixers

As reported by Adrian Wojnarowski, Sixers will acquire Nets’ Andrei Kirilenko, 2020 second rounder, swap 2018 seconds and cash for Brandon Davies.