New Topic: Weekly villain of the week

We wanted to start a new buzz on our website with adding a weekly villain of the week. The topic does not have to be Philly sports related. Shoot us some ideas if you would like to nominate a villain of the week. We are open to suggestions. The weekly villain will be posed at the end of each week(we will do our best).

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Sixers are desperate for ticket sales, how desperate?

My inbox is always filled with emails from the Sixers. They are so desperate, they are including big name match ups for ticket sales.


THE BIG GAME PLAN: Includes the biggest matchups of the season including Lebron James and the Cavaliers, Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder and Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.
THE WEEKEND PLAN: Friday Nights and True Blue Saturday Nights featuring the Thunder, Knicks and Clippers.
THE WEEKDAY PLAN: Perfect for entertaining clients and staff featuring the Cavaliers, Celtics and Lakers.”

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Former Eagles Alex Henery meets with Lions for work out

As reported by Adam Schefter, the Lions are kicking around the idea of new kicker, per source. Alex Henery? Yes, Alex Henery.


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BREAKING NEWS: Eagles’ Kevin Graf will face the Colts Monday night

According to sources, The Eagles promoted Kevin Graft to their 53 man roster from the practice squad. Graf will be the backup tackle due to the injuries across the Eagles offensive line. Graf will get the chance to face the Colts Monday night.

“It’s been very exciting,” Graf told during a interview. “It’s a dream come true to be a part of an NFL team, especially the Eagles with such great coaches and great players. It’s a special place.”

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Sixers’ Joel Embid is taking his talents to soccer?

Of course after he’s done playing for the Sixers and helps Philly get a basketball title. I’m not really a soccer fan but I would love to see Embid attempt playing soccer. Maybe he’s good. Who knows.

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Phillies’ Ken Giles has stage fright

Ken Giles was honored after Monday nights game along Jonathan Papelbon, Cole Hamels, and Jake Diekman. They stumped the Braves with a combined no-hitter on September 1.

Ken Giles throws a fastball over 100 mph, and when it comes to throwing words, he’s lost.

“Well, someone put me on the spot,” Giles said. “That’s all right. Well, thank you, for everybody, for coming and celebrating this great day for us.”

“I dunno, what’s um… I feel really awkward right now. I don’t know what to say.”


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Merrill Reese sends letter to DeSean Jackson with no response after five months

DeSean Jackson is making headlines again. According to, Merrill Reese mailed a letter to DeSean Jackson once he was traded to the Redskins’.

Reese wrote, “Dear DeSean, thank you for some of the most memorable moments in my broadcast career. I wish you continued success and good health.”

Five months later, no response from DeSean Jackson.

Merrill Reese is a well respected Philadelphia sports broadcaster. It’s common courtesy to write back or drop him a five minute phone call, thanking him for the letter. I guess DeSean Jackson is busy these days taking Instagram pictures and tweeting.

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Sixers: USA Today’s 2014-15 projected record: 8-74

As reported by Adi Joseph from USA today, He predicts that the Sixers miss the playoffs with a projected record of 8-74, which can be read here –  Philadelphia 76ers: No. 30 in NBA Watchability Rankings. The Sixers do have rebuilding to do. Sam Hinkie will need do what it takes to secure the number one draft pick in 2015. Regardless of how many wins this season, I predict that Nerlens Noel receives the rookie of the year award.

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Frank Caliendo does Allen Iverson with a twist of Morgan Freeman

Frank Caliendo appeared on the Mike & Mike show doing the Allen Iverson ‘practice’ rant in Morgan Freeman’s voice. I can watch video over and over again. It’s just hilarious.


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Villain of the week: Adrian Peterson

The hot story going around last week that I noticed was about Adrian Peterson. Peterson mentioned about finishing his career in his home state of Texas. According to ESPN’s Outside The Lines, Peterson told Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in June that Peterson wants to end his career in Dallas.

“Well, I understand, Adrian,” Jones told Peterson by phone, via Don Van Atta, Jr. of ESPN.  “I’d like that, too. . . .  Well, I love your story.  I love your daddy’s story.  I’ve always respected what you’ve been about. I’ve always been a fan of yours.”

I would love Peterson as an Eagle side by side with McCoy but not as a Cowboy. Adrian Peterson is my villain of the week.


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