Sixers fan wins season tickets hitting a half-court shot

Patrick Corcoran, a current Sixers season ticket holder, hits a half-court shot and wins season tickets for next season. This lucky fan was celebrating his birthday at Friday’s game against the Clippers. The Sixers still have a lot to worry about with filling seats again next season. After giving away tickets this season.

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According to ESPN, the NBA Attendance Report – 2015 ranks the Sixers 30/30 with  520,386 in attendance. The Sixers were within the top 5 in attendance from 2001-2004.

The Sixers are currently in rebuilding mode. Joel Embiid and Nerlens Noel will have opportunities to shine with the team. Nerlens Noel is already making a run towards rookie of the year.  Nerlens is currently #5 in Points Per Game Leader with 9.9 PTS. Embiid continues to be good at using twitter and making YouTube videos from his bed.

Flyers’ Vinny Lecavalier Lists Tampa Home for $4.45 Million

Vinny Lecavalier’s mansion located in Davis Islands in Tampa Florida is on the market. The mansion comes with a hefty price tag of $4.45 Million. Former Yankee Derek Jetter is one of many retired athletes that currently live on Davis Island. The mansion has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. It’s 7,636 square feet on a 0.3-acre lot.

Pictures – Flyers’ Vincent Lecavalier Lists Tampa Home for $4.45 Million

Lecavalier has 7G/11A  this season in 51 games played this season. The Flyers are 5th place in the metropolitan division with a record of 29/29. They are 20-9-6 at home, 9-20-10 away — struggling on the road.

Bleacher Report has low expectations for DeMarco Murray in 2015

As reported by Bleacher Report, DeMarco Murray is not going to run 1,845 yards again or have 392 rushing attempts in  2015.

Murray is not going to run for 1,845 yards again, though. He has one big thing going against him: Between Mathews, Darren Sproles and his own body, Murray will not get 392 carries like he did last season.

Murray has potential to gain more yards and attempts then last season with the Cowboys. He can get out of the plays that is over – either by getting out of bounds or getting down. Murray has the ability to wear down defense. In 2013, McCoy had 1,607 yards and 314 attempts running mostly east to west plays. Anything is possible when you’re not just running east to west plays and you’re following the coaches plays.

Bleacher Report – DeMarco Murray’s 2015 projection for fantasy football:

2015 Fantasy Projection: 292 rushing yards, 340 receiving yards and three touchdowns.

I just don’t agree with this projection at all. Why pay him $42 million for five seasons with those results? If so, he will not last long in Philadelphia for five seasons.


Are the Eagles trading Matt Barkley for Tim Tebow?

According to Dianna Marie Russini, sources with the Eagles are saying they are trying to trade Matt Barkley. If he is traded, there is 80% chance that Tim Tebow will be an Eagle.

Eagles Free Agent Roller Coaster Ride Ending?

Common sense would indicate yes this ride is coming to an end, a lot of moneys allocated, many holes filled. However, how much common sense and linear thinking have you seen emanating from the Nova Care complex in the last ten days? A franchise running back traded and a NFL top ten wide receiver permitted to test the market and subsequently left. A young promising QB traded for a slightly older but perhaps more promising QB who hasn’t just been bitten by the injury bug, the man has been mauled by an injury monster. Veterans have been cut: i.e Cole, Herremans, Williams and Casey. About the only development as crazy and unconventional as the moves we have witnessed by the Birds is perhaps Nate Allen having a boat load of cash dumped on him by the Raiders…What tape have they watched that we have not seen? Hey, I just heard someone out there mumble Carey Williams and that Seattle actually gave him more money than Eagles were unwilling to pay for his services….but at least he could play a little. Nate really couldn’t. Let’s not forget that a few of the holes are in fact not filled, and a team which intends to contend would not, alas should not elect to do so through the draft alone. Also as the ink on this blog begins to dry, All Pro guard Evan Mathis is again being shopped around the league to the highest bidder. So, unless Chip can either land a starting quality safety or a number one WR with any possible Mathis trade, he has in fact created another hole to be filled. This author would feel a whole lot more confident without a rookie at both guard positions,safety and number one wide receiver.(please don’t tell me Jordan Matthews can be our #1 next year) So to close this blog out I have convinced myself, if not you, that the free agent roller coaster is slowing down but not completely stopping…yet.

Jaguars fans put up billboard for DeMarco Murray

The Jacksonville Jaguars fans put up a billboard for DeMarco Murray. Too bad the Eagles scored DeMarco Murray first. This shows you how bad other teams wanted Murray on their team. I am glad he signed with the Eagles for a five-year deal.

DeMarco Murray is flying to Philadelphia to meet Eagles

DeMarco Murray 2014 Pro Bowl
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DeMarco Murray is flying to Philadelphia today to meet Eagles. According to ESPN, DeMarco Murray is interested in Philadelphia.

Murray had 1,845 yards with 13 touchdowns last season. LeSean McCoy had 1,319 yards with 5 touchdowns last season. This could be a good upgrade for the Eagles going into next season.

Torrey Smith had a better season in 2014 than Riley Cooper

Torrey Smith was released by the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Smith had a career-worst 767 yards last season and still came up with 11 touchdowns. Smith’s career-worst still out performed Riley Cooper.

Jeremy Maclin decided not to resign with the Eagles. Maclin is expected to sign with the Chiefs. The Eagles will need to turn to free agency or the draft for another wide receiver. Riley Cooper did not have a great season last year. Cooper ended the season with 577 yards, 3 touchdowns. As per contract, Cooper will make $4 million in 2015 with a $800,000 signing bonus. Torrey Smith’s had base salary of $837,168 in 2014.

Torrey Smith makes sense right now for the Eagles. They could free up some cap space and possibly have better performance on the field in 2015.The thought of relying on Cooper is scary at the moment.