Contract Options Killing Phillies Trade Scenarios?

While there is still some time remaining before the 4 p.m MLB trade deadline tomorrow rumblings and grumblings around baseball seem to indicate that option years included in the contracts for A.J. Burnett & Marlon Byrd are what is holding up possible deals. Burnett to the Pirates was a real possibility but according to sources which include Espn Insider & CSN Philly, Burnett would have to waive his player option for next year which currently stands at 7.5 million but if he finishes season could escalate to well over 12 million. Much too hefty for Pirates payroll. Same line of thinking could be applied to Baltimore and St. Louis in a trade scenario for Burnett. Meanwhile the length of Marlon Byrd’s contract may be the road block for Royals, Reds , Blue Jays or Mariners because he is currently 36 soon to be 37 & will be 41 at the conclusion of the contract if as expected the vested option will be attained. It is also believed both Byrd and Burnett also have limited no trade clause. It seems that Ruben Amaro has perhaps “contract optioned” himself into a corner. Stay tuned.

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Sixers add Ben Franklin Logo

The Sixers will start the upcoming season with an alternate logo. The logo features Ben Franklin in a royal blue Adidas T-shirts. The T-shirt is available through for $21.95. Gray is always an option if you don’t like the royal blue. I like this T-shirt and may need to purchase one. I was getting tired of seeing the same boring logos.


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Rex Ryan buries his former QB Mark Sanchez?

The Jets seem very confident in the quarterback department. There will be competition between Mike Vick and Geno Smith. Training camp started Wednesday for the Jets. If Vick can stay healthy he could be the starter. I doubt they signed him to sit on the bench.

Rex Ryan seems confident since their offense was upgraded in the offseason.

“I don’t know if we have had a better quarterback situation since I have been the head coach here,” Ryan said.

I would think Rex Ryan is talking about Mark Sanchez. Don’t you?

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Former Sixer and Pacer signs with Boston Celtics

The Former Sixer and Pacer Evan Turner signs a contract with the Boston Celtics. The Indiana Pacers had high hopes for Turner with the hope he would carry them through the playoffs. This was NOT the case. Turner only played 4 minutes in game 6 against the Miami Heat. Turner became a free agent when the Pacers decided not to extend his $8.7 million for 2014-2015. Turner’s new teammates will include Rajon Rondo, Avery Bradley, rookie Marcus Smart, Marcus Thornton and Phil Pressey. The Sixers and Pacers did not include Evan Turner in their rebuilding the team plans. It will be interesting to me to see what Turner can do in Boston.

Read More says “Biggest loss: DeSean Jackson, WR”

I was doing my daily routine reading about the Eagles. There was a piece written by Sports Illustrated – called Offseason Repord Card: Eagles. They went into the stats for DeSean Jackson. We know he was a great player on the field without all the drama. The Eagles will need to step up the WR department. Do you think that Jeremy Macklin and Jordan Matthews can fill Jackson’s cleats? A healthy Jeremy Macklin going into this season could be our biggest weapon. As for Jordan Matthews, we will all need to wait and see what happens. - Offseason Report Card: Eagles

Biggest loss: DeSean Jackson, WR

Again, it’s all relative. On the surface, losing a player of Jackson’s caliber — coming off 82 catches for 1,332 yards and nine touchdowns, all career highs, last season — appears to be a strike against the Eagles made worse by Jackson landing with division rival Washington.

In reality, this may be addition by subtraction for Philadelphia’s receiving corps, which looks far deeper in 2014 than it did in ’13. Jeremy Maclin’s return from injury is one of the obvious sources of that line of thinking, although the real key to success may lie in second-round draft pick Jordan Matthews. The Vanderbilt product was a Round 1 talent in the eyes of many (including yours truly). Being taken 42nd overall only gives Matthews more of an opportunity to stand out as a steal.

Matthews caught 94 passes in 2012 and then 112 last season for Vanderbilt, despite far from stellar quarterback play in any of his four years on campus. His presented an NFL-ready game to scouts, much the same way that Keenan Allen did a year earlier before starring for San Diego. Matthews also would have had a difficult time hand-picking an offense better suited to his game, one that relies on sharp routes and strength at the catch point as opposed to breakaway speed.

In Matthews and Josh Huff, Kelly added a pair of versatile weapons for his unique attack. Asking either to replace Jackson completely is setting the bar high, considering how much offense Jackson produced over his six-year career with the Eagles. But Kelly seemed to have minimal interest in keeping Jackson around, either because of Jackson’s off-field issues or Kelly’s desire to customize his receivers to his scheme. The Eagles may feel the pain of removing a de facto No. 1 receiver from their depth chart at first, but they could be more dangerous in the long run.


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Joe Buck is trying to win Philadelphia fans

It was no surprise that Joe Buck would be calling the 2014 Major League Baseball All-Star game on Tuesday night. The surprise was all the nice things Joe Buck had to say about Chase Utley. If I remember correctly Joe Buck does not like Philadelphia and Philadelphia does not like Joe Buck. You may recall the article published by “What the Buck?“.

Buck may have shocked Philadelphia fans with all the compliments when Chase Utley stepped to the plate for his first at-bat. I can’t remember the last time Buck said anything nice about anyone who played for a Philadelphia team.

“Chase Utley, who battled injuries in 2010, 2011, and 2012, he’s back hoping to finish his career in a Philadelphia Phillies uniform,” Buck said. “Philly fans would love to see that as well. When this guy was rolling before the injuries set in—the knees really were wracked with injures—he was a must see player. A dynamic second baseman.”


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Casper Ware is my Orlando Summer League pick








The Sixers may have discovered their diamond in the rough with Casper Ware. Ware has definitely proved himself in the Orlando Summer League. He averaged 18.4 points per game in the five games he played. Ware signed with the Sixers on April 4 , 2014 for a 10 day contract. On April 15, 2014, he signed with the 76ers for the rest of the season. I believe the 5-10 point guard will give the Sixers more wins this season.





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Cody Asche previews the new Topps card

Cody Asche shares on Instagram a preview of the Topps card coming soon.  I actually like this card. Topps hit a home run with this card.


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Joel Embiid wants King James in Philly!

Joel Embiid is trying to recruit Lebron James to the Sixers or he’s  just looking for attention on Twitter. The Sixers have plenty of salary cap space with an estimated $30 million. Lebron James is seeking $22 million annually which the Sixers could do. Do the Sixers really want to win the next couple of years or they just looking for better draft picks in the NBA Draft?

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News Alert: Eagles Offensive Tackle Suspended

Philadelphia Daily News writer Paul Domowitch reports Eagles Offensive tackle Lane Johnson has been suspended four games for PED use. This is a big blow the the Birds offensive line. No word as of yet from the Eagles or Lane Johnson.

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